Which Gentiles can have Salvation?

Can gentiles have Salvation? Which Gentiles can be saved? Gentiles are any human being not of the race of Israel. The short answer is yes. But there is a catch. I will get to that later. However, I will establish some Biblical precedents below to show that it had happened before in history and obviously we can expect that to happen again in the future. We read the following.

Jon_3:2  Rise up, go unto Nineveh the great city! and proclaim in it! according to the proclamation which I spoke to you before.

Here GOD commanded the prophet Jonah to go to the Assyrian capital of Nineveh and to proclaim their imminent destruction for their wickedness. Ninevites are obviously gentiles.

Jonah disobeyed GOD at first and then relented and went to Nineveh. He proclaimed to the preached GOD’s proclamation to them.

Jon_3:4  And Jonah began to go into the city, as the going of one day. And he proclaimed and said, Yet three days, and Nineveh shall be eradicated.
Jon_3:5  And the men of Nineveh believed in God, and they proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloths, from their great unto their small.
But incredibly. the people of Nineveh, about 120,000 repented. This was a fact as attested to by YESHUA some 800 years later.
Luk 11:32  Men of Nineveh shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it; for they repented at the proclamation of Jonah; and behold, more than a Jonah is here.

This was a direct condemnation of the many Israelites during the time of YESHUA’s ministry.

Let me list some other cases in point. Here in these cases, YESHUA is recounting the Incidents from the Old Testament where the prophets Elijah and Elisha ministered to gentiles.

(Luk 4:25-27) And in truth I say to you, There were many widows in the days of Elijah in Israel, when the heaven was locked for three years and six months, as a great famine took place upon all the land. And to not one of them was Elijah sent, except unto Sarepta of Sidon, to there were woman a widow. And there were many lepers in the time of Elisha the prophet in Israel, and not one of them was cleansed, except Naaman the Syrian. 

Yet more direct condemnation of the Israelites at that time and the time of YESHUA’s ministry. Of course, the listeners understood the implication of salvation for the gentiles so much that they tried to kill HIM.

The Christian’s View of Salvation

The principle of Salvation for Gentiles should have been a no-brainer; however, this subject appears controversial and even contentious at times. The reason being that that various theological schools of thought have arisen and developed thought the last two millennia that are contrary to the Word of GOD. The main purveyor of these blasphemous ideas is the Christian religion

The Christian religion claimed that GOD has cursed us and transferred the covenant to them. This kind of belief has led to the replacement gospel. This doctrine claims that the promises of the covenant GOD made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for their descendants have been transferred to the Gentiles (Christians). Then they went to work to change the wording of the documents of the Bible to write themselves in our place.

They have deluded the entire world because the claim is that for one to receive salvation, one must pray to “Jesus” to forgive them of their sins and to come into their heart. Then the subjects are baptized in water and become church members. All the above are contrary and even blasphemous to the Word of GOD.

Which Gentiles can have Salvation depends on what is Salvation?

The crux of the gospel(salvation) is expressed in many verses of the Bible. In both Old and New Testament documents. For brevity’s sake, I will apply only a few.

Act_5:31  This one -- God, chief and deliverer, exalted by his right hand, to give repentance to Israel and release of sins.

Eze_34:27  And the trees, the ones in the plain will yield their fruit, and the earth shall yield her strength. And they shall dwell upon their land in a hope of peace. And they shall know that I am the LORD in my breaking the chain of their yoke; and I will rescue them from out of the hand of the ones reducing them to slavery.

Eze 34:25  And I will ordain with them a covenant of peace. And I will obliterate the ferocious wild beasts from the land; and they shall dwell in the wilderness, and shall sleep in the forests.

Jer_46:27  But you should not be fearful, my servant Jacob, nor should you be terrified Israel. For behold, I deliver you from far off, and your seed from their captivity. And Jacob shall return, and shall be tranquil, and shall sleep, and there will not be one troubling him.

Jer_10:25  Pour out your rage upon the nations! the ones not knowing you; and upon kingdoms which called not upon your name. For they devoured Jacob, and completely consumed Israel, and made desolate his pasture.

Isa_44:23  Be glad, O heavens! for the God of Israel showed mercy. Trump, O foundations of the earth! Yell out, O mountains in gladness, O hills, and all the trees in them! for the LORD ransomed Jacob, and Israel shall be glorified.

Of course, these verses are clouded in colorful allegorical language which time doesn’t permit elaborate. It is clear however that the basics of salvation are the provision of repentance for the sins of Israel. Then at some later point in time, they are physically rescued from the affliction they endured through the eons. These are the reality of the last days and specifically judgment day. They clearly speak of salvation for the sons of Israel.

Which Gentiles can have Salvation depends on how are Gentiles saved?

The dictionary states: Salvation is the state of being saved or protected from harm or a dire situation. In religion and theology, salvation generally refers to the deliverance of the soul from sin and its consequences

If the consequence of sin is death, then these gentiles would have escaped the consequence of their sins.

A gentile gets salvation by loving us and our GOD. This is expressed in many verses of the Bible.

(Gen 12:3) And I will bless the ones blessing you; and the ones cursing you, I will curse. And all the tribes of the earth will be blessed by you. 
(Num 24:9) Lying down he rested as a lion, and as a cub who shall raise him? The ones blessing you, they are blessed; and the ones cursing you, they are cursed. 

People think that GOD bless with house, land, and money, but this reference is salvation because that is the greatest blessing a man can hope for. If a gentile blesses Israel, he will not curse him, neither will he murder him; neither will he tell lies on him nor steal his possession. These are expressions of hate for GOD as well.

Joh_15:18  If the world detests you, know that it detested me first before you!
Joh_7:7  The world is not able to detest you; but me it detests, for I testify concerning it, that its works are evil.

Who are foreigners, converts and strangers?

Does the Bible describe which Gentiles can have Salvation? The Passover is probably the most important feast of Israel. It is a feast for Israel to memorialize their GOD deliverance from slavery in Egypt. This feast is pointing to the LORD’s final deliverance of Israel on judgment day. This is clearly an expression of salvation in the Bible. YESHUA declared

Luk 22:15-16  And he said to them, With desire I desired to eat this passover with you before my suffering. For I say to you, that no longer in any way shall I eat of it, until whenever it should be fulfilled in the kingdom of God.

This is how important the symbol of the Passover is. It is no wonder then that at the beginning of Israel’s formation, GOD gave Moses the following orders.

Exo_12:43 And the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, This is the law of the passover. Every foreigner shall not eat of it.
Exo_12:48-49 And if any convert should come forward to you, and should observe the passover to the LORD, you shall circumcise every male of his. And then he shall come forward to do it. And he will be as also the native born of the land. Every uncircumcised one shall not eat of it. There shall be one law to the native inhabitant, and to the one coming forward to convert among you.

All aspects of these verses are important as GOD will use them later to describe salvation for some gentiles. Also, it is important that you understand that this is a circumcision of the heart being spoken of. You already know that when Israel came out of Egypt, they were followed by a host of people foreign to the sons of Israel. These people cannot just up and start observing the Passover with Israel. That would be immoral and illegal. If a foreigner wants to observe the Passover, they must first be accredited by GOD. You can see that this is only an effort by GOD HIMSELF that these Gentiles are coming (sent to us) to us to observe the Passover.

Hundreds of years later the prophet Isiah would write the following.

Isa_54:15 Behold, converts shall come forward to you because of me, and they shall sojourn with you, and unto you they shall take refuge.

This is the language of the great affliction of Israel in the last days. Have you noticed the word refuge above? And you should also note that they will be sent by GOD to Israel. They do not come of their own volition. And why do these people have to take refuge just like us? We shall discuss these people later.

Future salvation for the Gentiles in the great affliction of Israel

We have already witnessed in the past that salvation was open to selected gentiles, whom GOD has accredited. We have confirmation of that in the following verse.

Isa 14:1 Quickly it comes, and shall not pass time, and their days in no way shall drag. And  LORD shall show mercy on Jacob, and will choose yet Israel, and they shall rest upon their land;  and the foreigner  shall be added to them, and they shall be added to the house of Jacob. 

Obviously, there will be some Gentiles in the Kingdom of GOD. Evidently, they are free men and not slaves as the Hebrew Israelites would make you believe. Below the same thing is expressed in Ezekiel. These men are accounted as the native-born Israelites as in (Exo_12:48-49) earlier. On the earth, Israel has a native Haplogroup. The genetic haplogroup of Jacob. In the Kingdom of GOD, there is no Haplogroup. All are of the eternal haplogroup of the sons of GOD.

Eze 47:21-23  And you shall divide this land to them, to the tribes of Israel. You shall cast it by lot to yourself, and to the foreigners sojourning in your midst, whomever engendered sons in your midst. And they will be yours as native-born among the sons of Israel; with you they shall eat by inheritance in the midst of the tribes of Israel. And they will be in the tribe of converts among the converts, the ones with them. There you shall give an inheritance to them, says the LORD God. 

Gentiles like to interpret these verses as a physical land in Israel. Israel was scattered since therefore this is talking only of the kingdom of GOD after this world is ended.

The Gentiles who are friends and Neighbors of Israel

So, who are the people GOD identifies here as foreigners? Let us revisit Isa 14.1. It is a favorite verse that gentiles, especially Christians are heir to salvation.

Isa 14:1 Quickly it comes, and shall not pass time, and their days in no way shall drag. And  LORD shall show mercy on Jacob, and will choose yet Israel, and they shall rest upon their land;  and the foreigner (G1069)  shall be added to them, and they shall be added to the house of Jacob. 

The implication here is that these people are not of the sons of Israel. Hence in that sense, they are foreigners. Interestingly GOD could have used one of two words which will tell you that GOD was referring to someone not of the race of Israel. For example

From G243 and G1085; foreign, that is, not a Jew:
stranger. foreignerG4339 From the alternate of G4334; an
arriver from a foreign region, that is, (specifically) an acceder
(convert) to Judaism (“proselyte”): – proselyte

but instead GOD uses the Greek G1069 It is used in the 21 times of which it only
means a neighbor or friend. Therefore, these people are
Gentiles, but they are neighbors and friends of Israel

What are the qualities of our friends and neighbors?

Now that we identify these people, we should shed some light on their qualities. For example, the word used for friends is for the most part is (G5384)

Properly dear, that is, a friend; actively fond, that is,
friendly (still as a noun, an associate, neighbor, etc.): – friend.

Therefore, if you are a friend of Israel, you hold him dear to you. If you are a friend to Israel, then you are actively fond of him.
The word Fond (G5368) entails love

Thayer Definition:(Fond)
1) to love 1a) to approve of
1b) to like
1c) sanction
1d) to treat affectionately or kindly, to welcome, befriend
2) to show signs of love
2a) to kiss
3) to be fond of doing
3a) be wont, use to do

Therefore, if you are fond of Israel, you will love him.

Thayer Definition: 1) friend, to be friendly to one, wish him well

Therefore, if you are a friend of Israel, you will wish him well and not curse him, you will not steal his property nor murder him. Biblically it is remarkably simple. The commandment to love thy neighbor, simply means you do not murder him, nor steal his property, nor rape his wife, nor bear false witness against him, etc.

Israel’s haters manifested openly. I could give you a million ways Israel’s enemies manifest their hatred, but I do not intend this study to go on into a 20-hour video or a book size post

I will give you one example here, but you of Israel can fill in the gaps with thousands, even with some personal experience

The Churches in America is a bastion of hate against Israel

With all the Black Lives Matter protest that is going on today because of the murder of so-called black people in America. There is one notable organization that publicly show their disdain for the Black Lives Matter movement. They are actively in support of the police that commit these murders and often supports them with money. It is the Christian Church! Yes, this organization purports to love the GOD of the Bible. The problem is that most gentiles will claim that they love GOD, but the following verse declares that they are liars:

1Jn_4:20  If anyone should say that, I love God, and should detest his brother, he is a liar. For the one not loving his brother, whom he has seen, how is he able to love God whom he has not seen?
1Jn 3:15  Every one detesting his brother is a man-killer; and you know that every man-killer does not have life eternal abiding in him. 

The GOD of Israel will not save these wild beasts no matter what they think. They are man-killers (murderers) and GOD will not save them (give eternal life)

Those who loves Israel will GOD save (give eternal life)

Which Gentiles can have Salvation? depends on whether they are a friend of Israel or not. The friends of Israel are generally the Negroid people of the world. These people span the globe from Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, the black Chinese, and other black Asian groups, the Dravidian speakers of the population of South India. Etc. These people are not Israel, they are foreigners. Another important thing that Israel tends to misunderstand is that all of Africa is not Israel. There are dozens of ethnicities that are neighbors to Israel in Africa. All will take to us for refuge. It comes out of a shared experience of discrimination and oppression. Notice the European enslavers invented the black race. At no time do they distinguish Israel from the other negroid nationalities of the world.

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