Rape & The Impact on Black Y-DNA. From late 2017 to 2019 the interest in DNA testing exploded. People were buying DNA testing kits and sharing the result on the internet and YouTube. The DNA boom has made genetic testing one of the hottest conversations worldwide and especially in America.

There are three types of DNA tests. An autosomal DNA test which I will get to that later. Then there is a Y-DNA test which only men can effectively use. It identifies male relatives on the paternal line reaching back 60,000 years. The mtDNA test can determine genetic relationships on a maternal line from up to 150,000 years ago. This test is applicable to both men and women. It usually includes an analysis of your genetic makeup. It includes their regions of origin, maternal and paternal lineage, and Neanderthal ancestry. I didn’t make this up. It's an integral aspect of this service.

Several companies offer this service. Their databases will identify and offer to connect you with people who share a DNA match with you.

But to me, the most interesting aspect of this DNA testing was the reaction of most negroes. With elation, these negroes would put forward their DNA result on YouTube. It would read like this: 2% Scots, 1% Scandinavian, 50% Bantu African 30% Cameroon, and 17% Ghana It was common for these negroes to diminish the 97% of them that are negroid. But they would amplify the 3% of the European DNA. The next you know they start buying kilt and research their white “ancestors” to invite to the next family reunions.

Rape & The Impact on Black Y-DNA passed down from rapist to child

During slavery, there was widespread rape of enslaved women. Their European masters spawned many children with the Y-DNA of their rapist forefathers. In layman's terms, this means that the child of the rapist inherits half of his DNA. The victim of the rape also contributes half of her DNA. Over several generations, the descendants of the rapist will pass this DNA down the gene pool of the affected people. Technically this is what is termed previously as Neanderthal ancestry. But as we can see from the example above, over time the percentage becomes diluted and is often becomes negligible. The victims do not qualify for Neanderthal ancestry anymore. Because of the thinking that the White man has a Neantheral origin. This is why they think Neandtheral ancestry is important.

MyHeritage website states: “Your origins are encoded in your DNA and enable us to pinpoint where in the world your ancestors came from. Your DNA results will include an ethnicity breakdown and identify the specific groups you descend from among 2,114 geographic regions

Therefore, all this DNA tells you is that they can identify where in Europe the rapist originates from. If your DNA says you are 2% Scots, then the rapist of one of your female ancestors was a Whiteman from Scotland. Amplifying your negligible European ancestry is glorifying the rape of your foreparents. You should be ashamed of the result.

Autosomal tests determine true ancestry

Using this process to determine ancestry is spurious at best but outright false. There is another test that is more scientific and foolproof. It is an autosomal test. It is based on the scientific premise thousands of years ago every human descended from a certain human.. This individual passes on his YDNA haplogroup to his male descendants, who pass it on to their male descendants unchanged through many generations.

There are exceptions to the rule because sometimes they do change. Science calls this a mutation. Scientists say mutation can occur during cell division and it is usually a terrible thing. Science admits that there is a deficit gap in many areas of DNA research. It has to do with GOD.

Humanity was descended from one of Noah’s three sons. Shem, Ham, and Japhet. But today we have scores of many different haplogroups in the world. Some are Asian, some are White, while others remain negroid, including Israel. All of this is outside of the scope of this study; therefore, I will stop here.

Today we ascertain that the founding Lineage for the Ancient Israelite nationality is the E1B1A haplogroup. They are the descendants of the Biblical character, Jacob. This is how GOD determines the genealogy of the true people of Israel. except that DNA science was not born at that time

DNA passes on from the father to his sons, but daughters can ascertain their Israelite genealogy also. They find out from the genealogy of her grandfather, father brother, or even male cousins in the same line.

E1B1A is the Haplogroup of Israel

Ezr 8:1  And these are the rulers of their families, and the genealogy of the ones ascending with me, in the kingdom of Artaxerxes the king of Babylon.
Neh 7:61 And these ascended from Tel-melah, Tel-haresha, Cherub, Addon, Immer. And they were not able to identify the houses of their families, and their seed, if they are of Israel.

The above Ezra eight verse two to fourteen, mention the genealogy of the Israelites gathered in Baylon. Nehemiah seven, verse sixty one speaks of some who could not ascertain their genealogy. These people could not trace their geneology and were excluded from Israelite identification

Rape and its Impact on Black Y-DNA, Haplogroup E1B1A only 69% of all American Blacks are then what account for the others?

During slavery, there were lots of rape of enslaved women by their masters. Many male children were spawned by the Y-DNA of their rapist forefathers. This bears out today in the fact that the DNA haplogroup of African Americans is about 31% other than E1B1A. I can’t make this up. The website “Your DNA guide” https://www.yourdnaguide.com/ydgblog/ydna-haplogroup-e quotes the following.:

“For about 35% of African Americans who perform Y-chromosome testing, they find that their Y-chromosome is of European origin”

That is more than the 29% I read in previous science journals. His is proof that many people who call themselves Israel are not. They are descendants of White slave masters. Their DNA haplogroup is not E1B1A.

This reminds me of to a YouTube video I once made.
Who are the true Israel of GOD. Are they a race E1B1a or Black people in general? The Bible explains

In this video, I focused on a certain self-styled Hebrew Israelite teacher. A very bad and devilish one I might add. This guy teaches Israel that Africa is Israel and Ethiopia is Jerusalem. Apparently, he went out and took the autosomal DNA test and it turned out that he was Haplogroup G.

Haplogroup G (M201) is a human Y-chromosome haplogroup.
“Nowadays haplogroup G is found all the way from Western Europe and Northwest Africa to Central Asia. India and East Africa, although everywhere at low frequencies (Generally between 1 and 10% of the population) The only exception are the Caucasus region, Central and Southern Italy, and Sardinia, where frequencies typically range from 15% to 30% of male lineages” Let me remind you that the enslavers and colonists came from Western Europe. Fact is, only 65% of African American is E1B1A. put that into perspective.

Even though Rape Impacts the Black Y-DNA there is no argument for an Identity crisis in Israel.

With that said, should Israel start having identity crisis and run for the hills? I don’t think so for various reasons. I do believe that most people who would think of themselves as Israelites are most likely that. The main reason is that the so-called Black people know they are not of Israel.

I must hasten to add that these DNA haplogroup results are often skewed. African American/Black are the only choices on all government and commercial forms for example. Therefore, men from other nationalities are accounted as African American for the purpose of determining the DNA sampling for E1B1A test.

We can only imagine the psychological trauma of the victims during slavery. But rape also made a tremendous impact on Black Y-DNA today

The Bible records that GOD will scatter the people of Israel worldwide. There they would be severely Afflicted by their enemies whom they were scattered. This would include the theft of their land and natural resources, the enslavement and murder of their people, and the rape of their women.

Rape is violence and hatred against someone. By the way, the slavers raped boys also. Whomever it is the victims bear no fault. The criminal controls all the institutions of (in)justice so there will not be any accountability for his actions and no redress for the victims. I can only envision the severe psychological trauma of the victim of rape. For some victims, the impact can be lifelong. This reminds me of a rape incident recorded in the Bible. King David of Israel had a son Amnon who conspired to rape his half-sister Tamar. It went as follows:

2Sa_13:11 And she brought to him to eat. And he took hold of her, and said to her, Come, go to bed with me my sister!
2Sa_13:12 And she said to him, No, O my brother, you should not abase me, for it shall not be done so in Israel. You should not do this folly.
2Sa_13:13 And I, where shall I carry away my scorn? And you will be as one of the fools in Israel. And now, speak indeed to the king! for in no way will he restrain me from you.
2Sa_13:14 And Amnon did not want to hear her voice. And he powered over her, and abased her, and went to bed with her.
2Sa 13:17  And he called his servant set over his house, and said to him, Send indeed this one from me outside, and lock the door after her! 
2Sa 13:19  And Tamar took ashes, and put them upon her head. And the inner garment, the one with long sleeves, the one upon her, she tore; and she put her hands upon her head, and she went going and crying out. 
2Sa 13:20  And Absalom her brother said to her, Has Amnon your brother been with you? And now my sister be silent! for he is your brother. Do not put it to your heart to say anything! And Tamar sat expiring in the house of Absalom her brother. 

Thayer Definition: expiring G1634
1) to expire, to breathe out one’s life

This excerpt shows the great shame and psychological trauma of rape upon a woman. It shows the impact on Tamar as she sat expiring (wasting away emotionally) in the house of her brother. As far as she was concerned her life was over and she was good for nothing. But one notes that this is a family situation. Imagine how much more terrible it was during slavery and colonialism. These were foreign nations who holds your people in captivity. Shame on those who celebrate the minimal Neanderthal heritage. You glorify the rape of your ancestors.

The catastrophic Impact of Rape  on Black Y-DNA during slavery

heed not to fables and endless genealogies

A lot of Hebrew Israelites seem to have some misgivings about the following verse.

1Ti_1:4  Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

This verse was an instruction to Timothy from Apostle Paul. It was intended to correct certain doctrinal flaws. At the time some Edomite has infiltrated the assembly’s setup by the early Israelite followers of CHRIST. They and some other genetic Israelites did not understand the importance of Faith to salvation. Each group thinks that physical genealogy to Abraham is all that is necessary for salvation. They would uphold their genealogy to Abraham at the expense of Faith.

The lesson here is that being 100% genetic descendants of Jacob does not guarantee salvation. The fact of slavery and colonialism may render some of us non-E1B1A. but Israel is about the mothers too. No man chose their parents and is not responsible for his origin. This is not to say you shouldn’t crave being of Israel.

Some Non-E1B1A are nationalist Israelites

When this is all said and done, A true Israelite is one that heeds the Word of GOD. HE is the one that instructs us that only a remnant will be saved. There are many Israelites who crave association with Israelites and therefore, GOD. Some are more nationalist Israel than those who are E1B1A haplogroup.

Bob Marley

His father was Norval Sinclair Marley [picture]born in the UK in 1885. At the age of 60, met and later married 18-year-old Cedella Malcolm, while working as a supervisor on a plantation in Jamaica. Of course, this is an inappropriate sexual contact considering GOD’s commandment that Israelites must not marry Gentiles.

Bob Marley’s father was a Scotsman mostly from haplogroup R1b-M269, which originated in western Europe. Therefore, Bob Marley is from the R1b-M269 DNA Haplogroup. Because of his mixed racial makeup, Bob was bullied and derogatorily nicknamed “White Boy” by his neighbors. However, he later said the experience helped him develop this philosophy: "I’m not on the white man’s side, or the Black man’s side. I’m on God’s side.” Although he was from R1b-M269 DNA Haplogroup, from his lifestyle and music he craved a relationship with Israel and the GOD of Israel.

Jerry Rawlings

former President of Ghana was the son of a Scottish father as well. His mother was a Ghanaian. Listen to how nationalist “Black” he is.

Jerry Rawlings' own word

But compare that to Ziggy Marley, Bob Marley’s son who openly declares he is not even a black man

Contrast with negroes who voluntarily marry gentiles

If you notice lately a bush toward interracial marriage. One out of every three Television commercials are interracial theme. You know that the great majority of these interracial offspring often call themselves among their non-Negro parentage. They will never serve the GOD of Israel. They will turn Israel to their culture. The Bible teaches this over and over.

Exo_34:16 and you should take of their daughters to your sons, and of your daughters you should give to their sons; and your daughters should fornicate after their gods, and your sons will fornicate after their gods.

Are the Samaritans Israelites or Gentiles?

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