King Solomon of Israel was an evil unsaved man

King Solomon of Israel was an evil, unsaved man. This world focuses on great men and women. They need heroes to serve and glorify themselves with. Throughout the ages, many of these heroes have cropped up on the world stage. But once glorious heroes of the nation are now dead forever. Men like Winston Churchill; Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington; Mother Theresa; Alexander the Great; Adolph Hitler, etc. Their only existence is in the mind of the people who worship them. The ones who have dominion over the nations are regarded as benefactors or heroes to them. But the LORD GOD said it should not be so with Israel.

Luk 22:24  And there became also a rivalry among them, the one -- which of them seems to be greater. 
Luk 22:25  And he said to them, The kings of the nations dominate them, and the ones exercising authority over them are called benefactors. 
Luk 22:26  But among you not so; but the greater among you, let him be as the younger, and the one leading, as the one serving! 

The Bible teaches that the worth of a man is not his physical worldly status but his relationship to the GOD of the Bible. His eternal status is determined by whether that man serves the GOD of the Bible and is given Salvation or not.

Despite all his accomplishments, King Solomon of Israel was an evil, unsaved man

This brings us to the case of King Solomon of Israel. Apart from his father David he may be the most renowned Biblical character. In secular sources, he has been revered for building the temple in Jerusalem, one of the greatest archeological wonders of ancient times. He ruled over an extensive empire. GOD gave him great wisdom and understanding, wealth, and glory. Under his reign, the kingdom of Israel made great economic and military strides. And at the peak of Solomon’s reign, the nation was at its most prosperous. But despite all his accomplishments, the Bible showed that Solomon led the nation of Israel into idolatry and wickedness.

Today people make out Solomon into something different than what the Bible says about him. Many Hebrew Israelites noted that Solomon had 1000 wives and got away with it. Therefore many of them today think they can have multiple wives or concubines also. Therefore, this post will show that those who think they can emulate Solomon will only do so at their peril.

GOD blessed Solomon with great wisdom, understanding, and wealth

In the Quran, Solomon is considered a major prophet, and Muslims generally refer to him by the Arabic language as Suleman, son of David. He is often associated with wisdom; “as wise as Solomon”. Verses in the Bible attest to the fact that GOD gave him great wisdom, understanding, and wealth that would far exceed those kings of his times. The Bible says of King Solomon:

(1Ki_10:23)  And Solomon was magnified above all the kings of the earth in riches and intellect. 
(1Ki_4:34) And all the peoples came to him to hear the wisdom of Solomon. And he took gifts from all the kings of the earth, as many as heard his wisdom.

King Solomon of Israel was an evil unsaved man who fell from grace

But despite all the favors GOD bestowed on Solomon, he had precipitous decent. The Bible shows that his fall was because of sins he committed during his reign.

(1Ki_11:6)  And Solomon did evil before the LORD, and did not go after the LORD as David his father.
(1Ki 11:33) because he abandoned me, and offered unto Ashtoreth the abomination of the Sidonians, and to Chemosh the idol of Moab, and to Milcom the loathsome thing of the sons of Ammon. And he did not go in my ways to do the upright thing before me, and my orders, and my ordinances, as David his father did.

The Bible shows that king Solomon of Israel worshipped other gods and idols. Solomon marries gentile women and forms political and social alignments with gentile nations. Solomon was fond of having many wives.

(1Kings 11:1) And king Solomon was fond of women, and he took alien wives, and the daughter of Pharaoh, and Moabitish, and Ammonitish, and Edomites, and Sidonians, and Hittites.
(1Ki_11:4)  And it came to pass in a time of old age of Solomon,  his wives turned aside his heart after other gods. And his heart was not perfect with the LORD his God, as was the heart of David his father. 

This is a sad testimony to the fact that Solomon’s behavior never conformed to the will of GOD. He even considered murder. He lashed out at GOD by trying to murder Jeroboam.

(1Ki_11:40) Solomon sought to put Jeroboam to death. And he rose up, and ran away unto Egypt, to Shishak king of Egypt. And he was in Egypt until Solomon died.

King Solomon of Israel was an evil man who did not receive eternal life, and died unsaved

We have concrete evidence from the Bible that GOD did not save Solomon. He was not given eternal life but died in his sins. We can use the scriptures to point out the difference between him and his father David who was a saved man.

(2Sa 12:13)  And David said to Nathan, I have sinned against the LORD. And Nathan said to David, And the LORD cast aside your sin, and you shall not die.

The backdrop to this story goes like this: King David had succumbed to lust and invited a very attractive woman into his home. He had an adulterous affair and she became pregnant. To cover up this sin, David plotted the murder of her husband. He thought he was ok, and these things were covered up and nobody would be the wiser. David was wrong Because GOD knows everything. GOD sent an emissary, Nathan the prophet to confront him and Nathan pointed the finger at David. We know that David died thousand of years ago. Yet Nathan assured King David that he would not die. We shall see later what GOD is implying when HE said David would not die.

But we must compare the eternal situation of king David to that of the first man Adam.

We can compare David's situation with the first man Adam, whom GOD gave the following commandment.

(Gen_2:17) but from the tree of the knowing good and evil, you shall not eat from it; but in whatever day you should eat from it, to death you shall die.

But Adam did disobey GOD and ate from the forbidden tree. We know that even though he did not die immediately he eventually died when he was 930 years old.
GOD told David that he shall not die, but but King David died in 971BC. Both men sinned. GOD told Adam he would die and he eventually did. Yet HE told David that he would not die, yet he did. However, the author of this statement (GOD) is not making an error. HIS words is absolutely infallible. and HE cannot make errors.

The key to this apparent contradiction can be found elsewhere by comparing other scriptures. The phrases are “you shall not die” in the case of king David and “to death you shall die” in the case of Adam. They are both expressed within the following verses.

(Eze_18:21)  And the lawless one, if he should turn from all his lawless deeds which he did, and should keep all my commandments, and should do equity and righteousness and mercy; to life he shall live, and he shall not die

The above scripture not only expands on the terms but introduce two opposing phrases, “to life he shall live” and “he shall not die

(Joh_5:24) Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.
(Joh_10:28)  And I give to them eternal life, and in no way shall they perish into the eon; and not shall any seize them by force from out of my hand.

The Term “you shall not die” denotes eternal life

The Author, GOD declared to David in (2Sa 12:13) “you shall not die”. GOD has “cast away”, or remitted David’s sins. Just like the subjects in (Joh_5:24) David’s physical body may be deposited in a grave somewhere, when he died but he was ”passed from death unto life” This is synonymous with the term “eternal life” in (Joh_10:28)

The situation with Adam in (Gen_2:17) is quite the opposite. When he died, his physical body would also be put in a grave somewhere. Because of his disobedience, he should not “live to life” His death was to death(completion) he ”would die to death/not have eternal life” Therefore the Bible states that Adam was an unsaved man, but King David was a saved man.

We can now compare the condition of Solomon and see which case matches, David, or Adam?

We see that Solomon case matches that of Adam above. This was the exact opposite of his father David. GOD said the following referencing, Solomon.

(1Ki 3:14)  And if you should have gone in my way, to guard my commandments, and my orders, as David your father went, then I will prolong your days.

The phrases, "eternal life" and "life eternal" are found in the New Testament 30-45 times. In the Old Testament, the terms used are synonymous with other phrases such as: long life; length of days; length of existence; duration of days; life into the eon; prolong days) For example:

 (Pro_3:1-2) O son, forget not my laws, and give heed to my sayings in your heart!. For the length of existence, and years of life and peace shall be added to you. 

For Solomon having prolonged days would be conditional on him obeying GOD’s commandments as his father David did. We saw that he did not. He turned away from GOD and worshiped false gods; Served sacrifices outside of the Jerusalem temple; married non-Israelite women; Married 1000 women; he even tried murder when GOD repoved him. Solomon never met the conditions that GOD offered. He did not obey GOD’s commandments as his father David did. Solomon died in his sins. He did not receive prolonged or everlasting nor eternal life. Solomon would have died in his sins as following verse shows.

(Eze 18:24)  But in the turning the just from his righteousness, and he should commit iniquity, according to all the iniquities which the lawless one did; if he should do thus, he shall not live. In all the things of his righteousness, which he did, in no way shall they be remembered; in his transgression in which he fell, and in his sins in which he sinned, in them he shall die. 

King Solomon of Israel was an evil unsaved man but peope have misconceptions about his relationship to GOD

If Solomon died an unsaved man, then that poses some apparent contradiction. For example:

Didn’t the Bible say that GOD loved Solomon

This idea emanates from the following verse:

(2Sa 12:24-25)  And David comforted his wife Bath-sheba. And he entered to her, and went to bed with her, and she conceived, and gave birth to a son, and called his name Solomon. And the LORD loved him. And he sent by the hand of Nathan the prophet; and called his name Jedidiah, by the word of the LORD. 

Let us examine the word love carefully. It is the Greek G25(agapaō) in the dictionary.

When you examine the word in context, the best example of use could only be “to welcome”.
Here is the context-- king David, Solomon’s father had committed adultery Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba. She became pregnant. David subsequently had Uriah murdered. GOD struck the male child that Bathsheba bore, and he died seven days later, as foretold by Nathan the prophet. David's next child with Bathsheba was named Solomon. GOD killed the first child, but God accepted Solomon. He didn’t kill him as David might have expected

Didn’t the Bible say Solomon Loved GOD?

This would be a pertinent verse that most people used.

(1Ki_3:3)  And Solomon loved the LORD, to go in the orders of David his father; only he sacrificed and burned incense in the high places. 

Same Greek number G25 (agapaō). Solomon had respect to GOD or Solomon entertain GOD, or Solomon welcomed GOD in respect to going in the orders of his father David. What was David's order? It was building this great magnificent temple.

1Ch_28:20  And David said to Solomon his son, Be strong and manly, and act! Do not fear nor be terrified! for the LORD my God is with you. He will not send you away, and in no way will he abandon you until you complete every ministration of work of the house of the LORD

Same word G25(agapaō) used here. The context would demand either the use of the phrases: “to be fond of” or “to love dearly”. But Solomon didn’t love GOD, or he would have kept HIS commandments!

If Solomon wrote Bible books then how could he not be saved?

Was Solomon a Bonafide prophet, like Moses, David, Jerimiah, Daniel, Samuel, Ezekiel? To answer that question, we have to define a prophet in terms of GOD’s relationship with them and the people of Israel. A prophet is someone that gets a message from the GOD of Israel to the people of Israel.

(Num_12:6)  And he said to them, Hear my words. If there should be a prophet among you to the LORD, I will be made known to him in a vision, and in sleep I will speak to him 

GOD gave the prophets his Words. They are not the prophet's words. He only penned them or speak them to Israel. That said we can argue successfully that Solomon is a bona fide prophet. We have reasonable certainty that he is the author of most of the Proverbs, The Songs of Solomon, and Ecclesiastics. But not so fast. Remember what we mentioned above that the prophet takes the word of GOD? It is clear from the verses below that, GOD is the author of these above-mentioned books of the Bible and NOT Solomon. In this respect, he is a prophet like Jerimiah Ezekiel, Daniel, Isiah, etc.

But there are a couple of other prophets that Solomon warrants comparison with, for example, Balaam. He considered taking a bribe to curse Israel. A narrative in Numbers chapters 22, 23, and 24. Relates how GOD can put HIS word in the mouth of a non-Israelite prophet. A Moabite king Balak hired a soothsayer Balaam to curse Israel with the hope of overcoming them. But GOD confronted him and gave a blessing for Israel.

Num 23:5  And God put a word into the mouth of Balaam, and he said, Turning towards Balak thus you shall speak. 
Num 23:11  And Balak said to Balaam, What have you done to me? For a curse for my enemies I have called you, and behold, you have blessed a blessing. 
Num 23:12  And Balaam said to Balak, Is it not as many things as God should put in my mouth this I will guard to speak? 

Therefore, the words that Balaam spoke, GOD instructed him to do. The Bible called Balaam a prophet. An evil unsaved one, nonetheless. When the LORD speak who can help but a prophecy. In that sense, there are no fundamental difference between king Solomon of Israel and Balaam because both are evil unsaved man.


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